The run up to offering face painting workshops..face painting workshops Newcastle upon Tyne

I’ve wanted to offer face painting workshops for a long time now. Knowing that anything worth doing is worth doing right, I did my research, started writing lesson plans and even viewed a few potential studio spaces.

A combination of personal circumstances and self-doubt brought a larger-than-anticipated delay in my plans. Then, one day I woke up with a popular quote ringing in my ears –  “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.


Believe me, there is more than meets the eye

In this post I want to address the following question that I’ve been asked:

“Aren’t you putting yourself out of a job?” 

I can honestly reply “no” to that question!

First of all, there will always be new face painters on the scene. There is nothing anyone can do about that. Unfortunately, many of those new to the industry have very little understanding of the business aspect. This leads to them massively undercutting the professionals in the area, having a damaging impact upon existing painters.

The general public sees these ‘super cheap’ painters, and then (wrongly) think that ‘we’ (established professionals with full set up) are expensive!

Another common thing with inexperienced painters is that they often don’t carry insurance (or even know that they need it). Many more aren’t educated on proper health&hygiene, not to mention they lack proper knowledge of professional products and application!

Face Painting Workshops will help to set the record straight…

So, assuming that there will always be new painters popping up, it is my philosophy that well-informed, trained painters are better than amateurs who could be putting the public at risk.

I am extremely passionate about raising the profile of the Face and Body Art industry to the general public. I want it to be understood that professional face painters are legitimate business owners. The more people who know that face painting is more than just a hobby, and that it can take great skill to produce high quality work – the better! This education process has to start from within.

Even if I could stop new face painters setting up, I wouldn’t…and this is why!

Did you know that in the North East of England (from Cleveland to Northumberland) there was 2.61 million population recorded in 2013?

There is MORE than enough work to go around!! 

Face Painting gets more popular every single year. I am busier than ever and often have to turn bookings down! There is no fathomable way that one painter or even 50 could possibly manage even a fraction of that number of people.

If you paint 4 parties per weekend, every single weekend of the year that’s only 208 clients to cater for.

208 out of 2.61 million potential clients.

Case closed.

What makes me qualified to offer face painting workshops?

I’ve been producing Youtube tutorials for The Face Painting Shop as well as Live Presentations for some time now and found something that I truly enjoy. The feedback I get from people who have learned from my tutorials is positive! I’ve been professionally trained in certain aspects of face and body painting.

In addition I’ve got a lot of experience under my belt that I know for certain would help others in this industry.

Through my capacity of Dupe Magazine reviews columnist, I have had the opportunity to test a huge range of products. This means I have excellent first hand knowledge that I can pass on. This information is valuable – potentially saving my future students time and money in trial and error!

Other than that, I will let my work speak for itself!

If you’d like to take some of my face painting workshops…

I’m offering a range of different workshops from face painting 101 for beginners, to themed workshops and fun social creative sessions!


I’ll be launching them over the summer in Newcastle upon Tyne & you can get updates about all courses straight to your inbox: SIGN ME UP!

Face Painting Workshops Newcastle upon Tyne


I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave your comments below!


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Rachel is a professional Face and Body Artist from Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England.

She is committed to raising the profile and standards of the face painting industry and is passionate about helping other Face Painting Business Owners up their game, and book out their calendars!

In addition to being the Tutorials Producer for The Face Painting Shop, Rachel is also the Reviews Columnist for the award winning Dupe Magazine.
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