Face Painting Classes Newcastle upon Tyne (and surrounding areas)

Do you want to learn how to become a professional face painter? Are you already a face painter and just want to update your skills or overcome your weak points? Based in the North East of England? Then I have good news for you! Face Painting Classes for all levels will be available right on your doorstep very soon!

Why choose me for your Face Painting Classes?

Face Painting Classes Geordie Face PainterHi, my name is Rachel and I am a professional Face Painter! I have a highly successful and busy face painting business that covers the North East of England. Although I started my business in 2014, I first started face painting as a hobby back in 2010 and haven’t put my brushes down since (except to buy better ones!)

I now have the privilege of being the reviews columnist for the award winning Dupe Magazine! In addition to this I’m the resident blog writer and video tutorial producer for The Face Painting Shop. Artists from all over the world have watched my tutorials for inspiration and to update their existing skills.

The point I’m making is that I know my stuff. I’ve tested thousands of products, and had the pleasure of observing some of the finest artists in the world. I’ve developed a real passion for trying to raise the bar for the industry on the whole, and this is what brought me to teaching.

Face Painting Classes for Success

Face Painting ClassesI plan on offering a range of classes and I’m open to suggestions if there are any particular courses you’d like to participate in. I can also offer 1-to-1 training on an ad-hoc basis for my standard hourly rate.

Some of the classes I have planned include:

  • Beginners Face Painting Class – An introduction to materials, health and safety, basic skills and some beginner designs to practice. Practice materials will be provided!
  • One Stroke Face Painting Classes – learn the art of one stroke, including how to correctly load, how to paint the iconic one stroke rose, and learn some useful designs guaranteed to wow your clients!
  • Face Painting Business Class – learn all of the useful behind-the-scenes info that you will need to create and maintain a long standing legitimate business! You’ll receive some free spreadsheets, information sheets, templates and even some marketing tips so you can grow your audience and get clients through the door!
  • ‘Themed’ Face Painting Classes – including Halloween, UV painting, Boy specific designs, Girl specific designs, festival themed designs and more!
  • Special guest classes can also be arranged if there is enough interest for a particular artist!

With training catered to your skill level and ambition, you can grow a successful business! This is an investment in yourself and your future!

Face Painting Classes for Colleges

I can arrange to teach at your college or school for a fee. Please contact me directly to discuss your particular requirements so that I can give you a bespoke quote!

Face Painting Classes North East

When will the first Face Painting Class take place?

I will be announcing class dates and venue details across my social media. The first class is expected to take place in June 2017! If you want to be the first to hear about new classes, you can also sign up to receive my newsletter below!

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I look forward to seeing you all soon!

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All round creative and spreader of happiness at Geordie Face Painter
Rachel is a professional Face and Body Artist from Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England.

She is committed to raising the profile and standards of the face painting industry and is passionate about helping other Face Painting Business Owners up their game, and book out their calendars!

In addition to being the Tutorials Producer for The Face Painting Shop, Rachel is also the Reviews Columnist for the award winning Dupe Magazine.
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