Newcastle Face Painter Revamped!

My face painting journey started in 2010, when I picked up a cheap kit and started practicing at home. I’d paint friends and family, and to be quite honest I was terrible! It would take several years before I considered myself ‘good enough’ to start up in business as Newcastle Face Painter.

At this point I was already getting requests from friends of friends. Although I loved my job, the hours weren’t working out for my family, and so I took a risk, which thankfully paid off (in the end!)

In 2014, I jumped right in at the deep end. I quit my job, and opened my face painting business. Newcastle Face Painter was born!

Newcastle Face Painter is now Geordie Face Painter

Newcastle Face Painter CollageMy business has gone from strength to strength over the years. I have undertaken various professional training courses, improved my skills, and updated my kit with the highest quality equipment. It was inevitable that my growth in business would stretch to my business name as well.

When I chose the Newcastle Face Painter name it was a practical decision. It made sense for people to be able to find me easily, and it described the location in which I lived and worked. At the time of opening my business, I didn’t have a driving license so I had to turn down a lot of work that was further afield.

I believe I missed out on a lot of jobs because defining myself as a Newcastle Face Painter, put people from further afield from even messaging me. One thing that I didn’t bank on was people from overseas making booking inquiries! I hadn’t even considered the Newcastle’s in Australia, USA and Ireland! The number of inquiries from abroad just kept climbing and I knew something had to be done. People were evidently ignoring the fact that I stated Newcastle upon Tyne on my website!

How did Newcastle Face Painter become Geordie Face Painter?

As it happens, the Geordie Face Painter name came quite naturally. Due to my affiliation with other face painters up and down the country, I began to be known as Rachel, the geordie face painter. I had in fact opened an instagram account under @thegeordiefacepainter for this reason. Now, it was time to become more streamlined and change my other social media and website to match!

Geordie Face Painter is a perfect fit for me. It is more inclusive, and allows me to maintain the cultural identity that I am proud of.

Now that I have passed my driving test, I am able to travel all over the North East region, and now include Northumberland and North Tyneside in my areas of operation. People all over the region also identify as geordies’ so hopefully the new name will help to avoid confusion!

I have kept my old Newcastle Face Painter domain and redirected it to this new website, so that my existing clients can find me easily. I also have my old Newcastle Face Painter watermark on various photos. However, I have kept my branding pretty much the same, to minimize the impact of the changeover.



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All round creative and spreader of happiness at Geordie Face Painter
Rachel is a professional Face and Body Artist from Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England.

She is committed to raising the profile and standards of the face painting industry and is passionate about helping other Face Painting Business Owners up their game, and book out their calendars!

In addition to being the Tutorials Producer for The Face Painting Shop, Rachel is also the Reviews Columnist for the award winning Dupe Magazine.
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